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"You are not alone. You have generations of ancestors at your back. You have the blessing of interdependence and community. You have the great trees of the forest as steadfast allies. You have the turning of the seasons and the renewal of life as your music."       

                                                                       — Jack Kornfield


COMPASSION PARK: During the summer of 2020, we rededicated our park (formerly Cottonwood Park) and undertook some landscaping to signal a new era and a new entryway to the space. Compassion Park enjoys a sturdy timberframe gazebo, picnic table and bench. There's room to throw a Frisbee or baseball. The mountain-fed brook and thick grass also make it an ideal place to work on meditative arts, like relaxing, reading or remembering a loved one.

Building from the Inside Out

At PROCTER POINT, community was never intended to be just an expression. It's also not something that just springs up on its own. The owners have come to the realization that neighbourhoods that thrive are propelled by empathy and respect, common purpose, and a willingness to roll up one's sleeves to make things better. We're fortunate that what has emerged so far appears to be organic and real. 

Compassion Park: What's in a Name?
FACTS about the POINT

Whenever possible, we shop and buy local food, goods and services. We never take for granted that our nearby businesses, specialty trades and regional producers are the lifeblood of our economy.


We want everyone to be "made whole" when it comes to earning a good living and enjoying life in the Kootenays. We also know we need them as much as they need us, so we're always mindful of our support. 


For a comprehensive guide to LOCAL businesses and services along wth a more expansive offering of things to do, we encourage you to check out Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism. From Dining and Hiking to open-air Markets, Music, Fine Art and Festivals, there's no shortage of ways to experience Kootenay Lake culture full on.

We invite you to stay tuned for more information about POCTER POINT.

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