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PROCTER POINT is a real estate development like no other. Raw, rugged and unspoiled. At times serenely peaceful, yet continuously enlivened by the churn of Kootenay Lake, the wind, colours and countless seasonal surprises.


PROCTER POINT's waterfront lots are surrounded by pristine wilderness, generous old-growth forests and parkland trails. We are situated at the geographic centre of the province's fifth largest freshwater lake. 

Our real estate development began over a decade ago as Kootenay Lake Village (KLV) and endured some growing pains, although the founding waterfront plan was alway attractive and sound. 


Today, PROCTER POINT is a 32-lot waterfront, contemporary custom home development with complete autonomy and a clear sense of direction. We enjoy a strong balance sheet and an energized owner group, committed to making sensible improvements and building value. 


We share exceptional working relationships with owners of the Uplands strata (once also part of KLV), the Procter Water Utility (PWU), and Twente Additive Manufacturing (TAM). Moreover, PROCTER POINT is professionally managed by a strata management company in Nelson, BC. 

By living here and building here, we're embarking on something important together — feeling completely at home.

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