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PROCTER POINT is a waterfront real estate development fulfilling a different kind of rural living experience. Something more elemental and connected to a vast expanse of unspoiled nature and to one another.

LOCATED just two km east of the village of Procter and 37 km northeast of Nelson, BC, PROCTER POINT's generous waterfront homesites were established for their elemental beauty, rugged shoreline, and contemporary, low-impact housing designs. 


KOOTENAY LAKE, the SELKIRK and PURCELL mountain ranges, and the MV Osprey 2000 — the region's 8-km free ferry — produce long, wondrous sight lines that keep unspooling visual surprises in every season and in every shade of light.


a decade ago, we set an uncommon benchmark in recreational-rural property development: Smart sustainable design, "national park"-like location and amenities, and an owner energy fostered in healthy outdoor activities and building community. It's because of these principles that we now know what it means to experience a unique ideal in rural Canadian living. We hope we can show you what mean.

Procter Point - Cedars at Compassion Park

A core belief is our commitment to a shared stewardship of the land and developing it responsibly. Thoughtful building designs, minimal impact to vegetation and ground cover, respect for our neighbours' peace and privacy. It's an idea that the land, water, and people here can effect a sense of harmony without trying to overrun it or overthink it. 

The KOOTENAYS is among the most hospitable places in British Columbia, and PROCTER POINT enjoys the distinction of being part of the worlds's few inland temperate rainforests. Rich sunshine in summer, moist shoulder seasons, and winters made mild by the ameliorating effects of living lakeside. 


If you enjoy active, wholesome, modestly paced living, it's here. Folksy, feel-good communities — NelsonBalfour, Kalso, and our own Harrop-Procter colony — value their artists, their heritage, their numerous outdoor markets and festivals and, not least, the genuine relationships with their neighbours and friends. It isn't a romantic idea of a bygone era. It's what's happening here today. 

Procter Point - Social at the Glass House
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03  / 10  /  2021

2021 Revised Design Guidelines get Admiring Looks


27  /  07  /  2020

Bylaw 33 Amended and Approved at AGM


27  /  09  /  2020

Compassion Park: Not Just a Change in Name
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