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Building a new home is one of the most exciting parts of joining the PROCTER POINT community. With a little bit of background information, you can be confident that you'll receive the kind of support and professional direction to make building here as satisfying as living here. 

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1.02 A Spirit of Community and Cooperation: Buildings must respond to — and be inspired by — their surroundings, and not dominate their sites. Buildings should not stand out, nor should they be ostentatious in scale, design or finish. Buildings that display tasteful restraint, integration, and harmony with their natural surroundings are encouraged.

— from the PROCTER POINT Design Guidelines (rev. March 2021)

Design Guidelines

We advise you to download, print and closely review the PROCTER POINT Design Guidelines with a qualified architect or designer. Our step-by-step Submission and Approval Process (Section 4), when carried out in accordance with the Regional District of Central Kootenay's building regulations and inspections, will help you keep your design costs and revisions to a minimum.  

Please note: The PROCTER POINT Design Guidelines published here were revised, approved and adopted by the Strata Council in March 2021, making them an integral part of Bylaw 33. 

Submission and Approval Process

The building season in BC is brief and there's an implied urgency in getting the project to lock-up. So here's what you need to do to "green light" your building project in four basic steps. 


Step 1: Council will review your preliminary drawings, massing of the structure and location (subject to RDCK approval).


Step 2: Council will review more detailed design drawings, including landscaping plans, exterior finishes, colours, and materials. 


Step 3: Council will review RDCK recommendations and amendments.


Step 4: Council will conduct a site review and issue final approval upon completion of the building project.

Approval Process Legend

For complete details on the Submission and Approval Process, see Section 4. To see what's currently going on at THE POINT, visit our Current Projects page.

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